Ginza Hirai

Address 5-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6280-6933
Store hours Mon.-Fri.
11:30-14:30 (14:00)
17:30-22:00 (21:30)

11:30-15:30 (15:00)
17:30-22:00 (21:30)

( ) = Last call

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Ginza Hirai specializes in wild-caught Anago (seawater eel) that is tender and flavorful. They offer various dishes of the superb Anago such as broiled, stewed and rice bowl.


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    Great Japanese lunch!

    I just tried their popular "Lunch Hakomeshi" today. The Hakomeshi, rice topped with fillet of anago (seawater eel) and beautifully shredded Japanese style thin omelet, comes with crispy vegetable pickles and miso soup. The anago was cooked very right; it was so tender and tasty with absolutely no undesired flavor. Everything on the tray was good! Surprisingly, it's offered for 1,000 yen, but we should know that they serve only 20 Hakomeshi per day!

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