HINASUSHI Nishi-ginza

주소 도쿄도 중앙구 긴자 4-1 2F
전화번호 03-3566-4077
URL http://www.create-restaurants.co.jp/shop/index.php?controller=FrontCrShop&action=shop_show&id=632&page=
영업 시간 월 -돈 11:30-23:00
흙 11:30-22:30
일/축 11:30-22:00

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HINASUSHI offers all-you-can-eat of high quality authentic sushi at a reasonable price; you can eat 60 kinds of delicious sushi as much as you want within two hours. They also offer great value lunch meals on weekdays.

Average cost per person

4,309 yen (usual)

5,200 yen (banquet)

1,070 yen (lunch)